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How it Works


Let's Talk

We begin by having a conversation with you to understand why you want to sell, how much you are looking to sell for, your thoughts on seller financing, and details about your cash flow. This helps us tailor our offer to best suit your needs.


Reviewing the LOI

Next, we’ll draft a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) for you to review. This simple document outlines the basic terms, purchase price, and any seller-financed terms, ensuring you understand everything without any confusing legal jargon.


Due Diligence and Final Agreement

Once you’re comfortable and sign the LOI, we’ll conduct due diligence by reviewing your past six months of bank statements and any applicable POS statements. We are not a bank and we understand how a business owner may operate a business’ financials to maximize their profits; Please don’t let the financial review feel like a daunting task, we make it as easy as possible. After verifying the financials, we’ll visit your business to confirm details from our initial conversations. We’ll then provide a standard asset purchase agreement or stock purchase agreement, depending on your business, and proceed with the final paperwork. Our aim is to complete this entire process within 30 days from our initial offer.


Smooth Transition

After closing the deal, we’ll ask you to stay on for four weeks to help ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, we often offer the opportunity for you to stay on as a paid consultant for a longer period, depending on your goals and the needs of your business.

Seller Spotlight

Seller Success Story Spotlight: Dominic Pecora - Dom's Pizzeria and Sports Bar

Dominic Pecora built Dom’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar just outside Pittsburgh 15 years ago, a true community staple. Recently, he decided it was time for a change and wanted to explore new opportunities. Forget The 9-to-5 stepped in and not only offered Dominic $60k more than his asking price, thanks to his willingness to work with us on seller financing terms, but also provided him with a new role as a consultant. Dominic successfully sold his business for a fair value and transitioned into a more fulfilling role, helping us grow restaurant businesses we acquire. His journey with us is truly a success story.


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