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Unlock the door to a golden opportunity with this bustling pizza shop, perfectly positioned at a busy intersection in the heart of a lively college town. Surrounded by a large hospital and numerous businesses, this location benefits from a steady stream of customers day and night. Financial Highlights: Impressive Profits: Consistently high average monthly profits of $18,000, with an average gross income of $48,000 per month last year. Turnkey Operation: Includes everything you need to continue operations smoothly. Walk in and start earning from day one without any additional investment. Operational Excellence: Dedicated Team: Dedicated team comprises 5 employees, including 1 full-time and 4 part-time members, all trained to maintain the high standards our customers expect. Prime Location: Situated on a corner lot at a bustling intersection, the shop benefits from high visibility and foot traffic. Ample signage ensures we stand out to anyone passing by. Community Hub: With a college, a large hospital, and numerous businesses nearby, our customer base is as diverse as it is loyal, contributing to a vibrant atmosphere and consistent sales. Proven Success: Demonstrated profitability and a solid customer base. Strategic Location: The unique positioning near educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and business centers ensures a continuous demand. Ready to Go: A turnkey operation that allows you to bypass the challenges of starting from scratch. This is your chance to step into a well-oiled machine with a proven track record. This is more than just a pizza shop; it’s a community staple that’s served smiles and slices to students, professionals, and families alike. Ideal for a seasoned restaurateur, this opportunity is ripe for the taking. Dive into a slice of success and let’s make this beloved spot yours today.
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