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Venture into the heart of Michigan's restaurant industry with this unique opportunity to own a premier restaurant management company. This company stands out for its operational contract with a successful franchised pizza store, boasting over $600,000 in annual revenue. This is a direct chance to step into a well-established business model with proven success and substantial growth potential. Highlights: Direct Revenue Generation: The focal point of this investment is the management of a high-performing franchised pizza store, with a track record of generating significant annual revenue, demonstrating the operational success and market appeal of the business. Complete Operational Control: This lease-to-own opportunity offers full ownership and operational control of the management company, including a turnkey pizza store with a full complement of staff and streamlined processes. This enables immediate operational continuity and profitability. Stable, Long-Term Franchise Contract: A cornerstone of this opportunity is a secure, long-term operations contract with the franchised pizza store, providing a solid and reliable revenue stream for the foreseeable future. Strategically Located in Michigan: The business benefits from its strategic location in a vibrant community, ensuring a steady customer base and potential for further market penetration and growth. Ownership of a Full-Scale Management Company: This isn’t just an opportunity in a single restaurant; it’s the chance to own a management company with a scalable model in the lucrative restaurant industry. Growth and Expansion Potential: With an established operational framework, the new owner has a platform for potentially expanding the portfolio, managing additional franchises, or diversifying within the food and beverage sector. Autonomy in Business Operations: As the new operator, you’ll have the autonomy to steer the company’s future, capitalizing on the existing brand’s reputation while exploring new opportunities for innovation and growth.
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