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Overview: This is a remarkable opportunity to lease a thriving Pizzeria and Deli establishment located in the vibrant city of Danbury, CT. With stable cash flows and a proven track record of success, this business offers an attractive proposition for seasoned entrepreneurs or newcomers to the restaurant industry. Key Features: Established Presence: The Pizzeria and Deli has built a strong reputation within the community, drawing in a loyal customer base with its delicious offerings and excellent service. Prime Location: Situated in a bustling area of Danbury, the business benefits from high foot traffic and visibility, ensuring consistent patronage throughout the week. Turnkey Operation: The lease includes all necessary equipment, fixtures, and furnishings, allowing for a seamless transition for the new tenant. From ovens and refrigeration units to seating arrangements, everything needed to operate a successful Pizzeria and Deli is already in place. Stable Cash Flows: With a lease rate of $9,500 per month and a net profit of $14,000, the business presents an attractive opportunity for profitability and financial stability. Scenic Surroundings: Danbury, CT, known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, provides an ideal setting for this culinary venture. Residents and visitors alike flock to the area, creating a diverse customer base with varied tastes and preferences. Lease Details: Available Date: June 1st Lease Rate: $7,500 per month Financial Highlights: Monthly Net Profit: $14,000 Cash Flows: Stable and consistent, providing a solid foundation for sustainable growth and success. Opportunity for Growth: While the business is already profitable and well-established, there is ample opportunity for growth and expansion. Whether through targeted marketing efforts, menu diversification, or catering services, the potential for increasing revenue streams is substantial. Conclusion: Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to lease a successful Pizzeria and Deli in Danbury, CT. With its prime location, stable cash flows, and potential for growth, this business is ready to be taken to new heights by the right entrepreneur. Seize the chance to become part of Danbury's thriving culinary scene today!
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100 month
June 1, 2024