We buy businesses, improve them with operations and systems, then offer to you with our revolutionary $0 down Lease-to-Own model.

How it Works



Our model relies on hardworking entrepreneurs like yourself. Matching your skillset to a business we have is critical for long term success. This starts with an onboarding process where we get to know you. You will be able to add in all relevant details to your profile on our members-only listings platform. 

Our Membership Program is currently at capacity. Email us to get on our waitlist.


Explore Opportunities

Once your account has been activated, you will be given access to our members-only listings platform. On the platform you will be able to view all the details of all current and upcoming businesses available for $0 down as a lease to own. You will be able to review potential businesses that may be a good fit and conduct your due diligence on them, reviewing financials, growth potential, and day-to-day workload. This phase allows you to find the right business based on your personal and professional goals. Once you have selected a business you like, your Success Manager will walk you through any paperwork to start your lease.


Build Your Legacy

Once paperwork is finalized for your lease-to-own agreement, you will receive the keys to your new business. This phase includes comprehensive training and support to ensure a smooth transition, equipping you with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully operate and grow your business. It marks the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur, with ongoing support from our team to navigate the rewarding challenges of business ownership.


Pay From Profits

When you start running the business, part of the money the business makes each month goes towards the lease-to-own payment. This way, you’re paying off the business cost gradually from what you earn. We make our money from these payments. It’s set up so everyone wins: you get to own a business without needing a huge amount upfront, and we get paid over time as you succeed.

Members Area

Current and Upcoming

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Business Examples


You lease a business, making monthly payments from the revenue of the business, until ownership transfers to you.

Experience helps but isn’t required. We provide support and training.
Submit an application, pay a fee, and attend an interview. Successful applicants proceed to agreement finalization.

Payments are based on the history of the business’s revenue, ensuring affordability.

Yes, after establishing success with your first business, there’s potential to expand.
We provide support and strategies for recovery. Your success is our priority.

While leasees are contractually obligated to make lease payments, we understand sometimes issues come up. Leasees are encouraged to contact us early to work out a solution.

Ownership typically occurs after 100 months, aligning payments with business earnings.
We profit from the lease payments, succeeding when you succeed.
Earnings vary by business but are detailed upfront. Your success and growth potential are closely tied to how the business is managed and the market conditions.
Absolutely. We encourage innovation and growth. While you operate the business, you have the freedom to implement improvements and strategies that increase profitability and enhance the business’s value. Your success in improving the business can lead to higher earnings and a stronger asset under your ownership.

We are actively searching for businesses to acquire. If you have a specific request for a listing or have direct contact with a seller, email us. We will evaluate the opportunity and move forward with it if it fits our model. Ensuring you’re motivated and aligned with the business is crucial to our mutual success. We’re committed to helping you find a business that suits your needs.

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